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Nigel Callinan

Busan National University
Media Professor

Nigel Callinan teaches classes in Media, Regional Studies and Innovation as part of the Global Studies Department in PNU to diverse groups of Korean and International Students.

As part of his courses, he encourages students to combine traditional media channels with emerging technology to increase reach and engagement through Social Media. He also discusses control of publishing and the effects of self-censorship and corporate control of mainstream media.  He conducts research on the use of Social Listening Tools and Triggers to identify what stories are likely to trend.

Before working in academia, Nigel worked for both Google and Microsoft in their European Operation Centers as a Strategic Business Analyst.  There, he gained an insight into how media and the dissemination of information are changing due to the increasing use of new media technology.

Nigel has published articles on North Korea News and other media outlets and his work has also featured on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS show on CNN.  His PhD was on the evolution of technology policies in South Korea and it included research on the emergence of Citizen Journalism and Netizen Activism in Korea in the early 2000s.His writing on the connections between the Korean Government and Samsung will also be included in a forthcoming book entitled “Emerging Asian economies and Multinational Companies” by Edward Elgar publishing.