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CEO and co-founder

Seung-yoon Lee is the CEO and co-founder of Radish and previously ran Byline. Radish is a freemium Youtube for stories where you can write, share, and monetise from serialised fiction based on bite-sized pieces suitable for 10 minutes on a smartphone. It is a digital update of the Victorian idea of the serialised novel.

For his commitment to media innovation, Seung-yoon was recognised by Forbes as one of the members of the inaugural class of the inaugural class members of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia.

Before launching Radish, Seung-yoon has also built Byline, the world’s most visited crowdfunded journalism platform netting $350,000 to more than 80 journalists in the first six months of his operation. It has broken a number of national stories including Whittingdale scandal and has garnered attention from New York Times, The Guardian, and many other top media organisations. As its CEO, he secured exclusive interviews with media thinkers like Noam Chomsky, Julian Assange, Sir Harold Evans, and others. The service is now managed by crowdfunded journalism pioneer Peter Jukes.

For his venture Radish, Seung-yoon has secured $2.5 million from the owner of Le Monde Xavier Niel, billionaire investor Nicolas Berggruen, founder of Chengwei Capital Eric X. Li, Sir Peter Bazalgette, Microsoft veteran Charlie Songhurst, former Lady Gaga Manager Troy Carter’s Cross Culture Ventures, Daum founder Jae-woong Lee, and other top angels.

He was the first East Asian President of the Oxford Union, world’s famous debating society. During his term, he hosted world-class speakers including fellow South Korea rapper PSY, Senator John McCain, and President Martii Ahtisaari. He also launched the Union’s own Youtube Channel that features its key debates and speaker events for the first time.

He is a contributing editor for The WORLDPOST, a joint venture of The Huffington Post and Berggruen Institue on Governance.

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